The social network of blockchain era, which combines the advantages of bitcoin and gives users an opportunity to get rewarded.

The project is ready and available for use



Raised already

business model

We cardinally changed the principle of ad placement and broadcasting

  • In, account of each user acts as an advertising platform, where all of his subscribers are his personal advertising audience.
  • An ad block is broadcast from the user's name and profile, rather than directly from an advertiser, like it is in ordinary social networks.
  • Users receive up to 50% of the reward for each advertisement paid by an advertiser.
  • All processes are fully automated and do not require any additional action from the user.
  • realizes the dream of millions of people - to receive rewards by spending time on a social network without any extra efforts.
  • The Advertiser buys ads for Bitcoin and sets up targeted advertisements in
  • transmits the block on the pages and on behalf of users to their subscribers
  • gives the user a bonus of up to 50% of the cost of each show/click in the form of ALL.ME
The Past

Social networks earn billions of dollars on user activity and content by simply showing them advertisements. While the users themselves do not receive anything in return. The companies get all the profit, and none of it is shared with users.

The Future

Social networks of a new generation will reward users for their activity, popularity and content. The essence of business model is to reward its users and give them up to 50% of all advertising receipts.

Personal account

The opportunity of tokens transfer among the users is already available on

ICO details

ALL.ME token

The project attracts funds through the crowdfunding method, producing its own ALL.ME token, which corresponds to the ERC20 standard and is standard for smart contracts with tokens.




10 000 000 000 tokens

Single token cost


Additional emission

Not planned.

  • 1
    Pre sale 1
    25% discount
  • 2
    Pre sale 2
    15% discount
  • 3
    Pre sale 3
    5% discount
  • 4
    Pre sale 4
    3% discount
  • 5
On the operation of the project
Project team
Advisers of the project and "Bounty"
  • BitcoinTalk
    48% support and subscription
  • Twitter
    11% support and retweets
  • Facebook
    11% support and reposting
  • Blogs
    10% for articles and reviews
  • Other ideas
    10% assistance to the project
  • Video
    10% video clips and reviews

Mr Barinstein is a principal investor in Premium Property Holding, a German real estate management company, and had been on the Board of Directors of IDMVC, a Singapore-based venture capital fund investing into digital media companies. Before Mr Barinstein was a senior client coverage investment banker with Renaissance Capital and an Executive Director in the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs in London.


Mr Gabara is the Founder and President of Gabara Strategies Ltd. in London. In 1995 Ivo was appointed Spokesman and Head of the European Commission’s Press and Information Office in Sarajevo, where he managed the EU’s regional communications. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of ‘Brexit Exchange’ (, a forum for dialogue between the Brexit Negotiators and industry.


Mr Hurstel is the Co-Founder and Board Member of HK & Partners Ltd (International Financial Centre, Dubai). Marwan worked with Management of HSBC South America in San Paulo. After he joined HSBC Private Bank in Geneva, was in charge of developing business in North Africa, Russia and Eastern European markets.


Mr. Leščinskas is the President of JSC “Landmark Capital” since 2012. Darius is the Co-Founder and Board Member of UAB ICOR (since 1990), a Lithuanian group of companies with almost 7,000 employees and EUR 0.5 billion annual turnover. The Group runs projects in over 40 countries worldwide, including such sectors as engineering, construction, energy sector, petroleum products trading, chemicals manufacturing and real estate investments.


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